PBIS for Parents

Lebanon High School - Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports

Lebanon High School has implemented Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) to establish practices and norms that promote the social emotional growth of all students.  Additional support and interventions will be provided to students, as needed.  The main goal is to create a positive school environment where all students succeed.  Thus, Lebanon Cedars will be: Respectful, Responsible and Safe

Lebanon Cedars are:






  Be on time

  Use appropriate volume level for activities

  Listen to classroom speaker

  Value your education

  Clean up before you leave

  Actively participate

  Communicate politely

  Help others appropriately

  Academic Honesty

  Own your data


  Share materials appropriately

  Follow classroom or laboratory procedures

  Lock your locker

  Be a CEDAR

  Display school ID

Technology Use

  Voice level 0-2

  All interactions educationally relevant and appropriate

  Use technology for its designated educational purpose

  Treat it as if you paid for it

  iPads must be charged and in case

  Use only assigned devices

  Report unsafe behaviors

  Keep personal information private


  Voice level 0-2

  Respect the privacy of others

  Put all trash in garbage cans

  Use the bathroom in a timely manner


  Use equipment properly

  Wash and dry hands

  Report any concerns to staff        

  Display school ID

Arrival and/or Dismissal

  Voice level 0-2 & Use appropriate language

  Take pride in YOUR building and being a CEDAR

  Be on time to first period and in dress code

  Enter and exit in a timely fashion

  Have only the materials you need

  Put all trash away in garbage cans

  Enter through main doors

  Remain in cafeteria or atrium (arrival)

  Late students will enter through large parking lot (East) entrance

  Report any concerns to a school adult

  Display school ID


  Voice level 0-2

  Use appropriate language

  Walk on the right side of the hall

  Be aware of people around you

  Go directly and promptly to your destination

  Go to locker during transition

  Follow hall pass procedures

  Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself

  Report unsafe behaviors

  Display school ID


  Voice level 0-2

  Use table manners

  Follow cafe procedures

  Clean up area and put items away

  Follow bathroom procedures

  Remain in your seat until you are dismissed

  Report major spills

  Display school ID

Rewards System

A major component of the PBIS system is to randomly reward students who are being respectful, responsible and safe.  Lebanon High School uses “Cedar Bucks” as their reward system.  Students who wish to redeem their Cedar Bucks are to visit L201 during their seminar time. 

The following LHS Staff members are part of the PBIS Team:

Mr. Bensing, Teacher

Mr. Caro, Teacher

Mr.  Dornes, Teacher

Ms. Jefferson, Teacher

Mrs. Kline Grove, Counselor

Mrs. Peiffer, Teacher

Mr. Nordall, Assistant Principal

Mr. Rolon, Teacher

Mrs. Strauser, Teacher

Mrs. Swavely-Ulloa, Teacher

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